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CMO Collective is an invitation-only forum for Australia and New Zealand’s marketing leaders. Over a series of dinners and events, you will be afforded an opportunity to network with peers, discuss topics that matter most to you, identify and implement best practices, share data and insights in confidence and learn from industry leaders.


To create a community of marketing leaders committed to each other’s success, and that of their profession.


To ensure our passion for marketing flourishes, creating brands and organisations with purpose and extraordinary commercial advantage.

To enable marketers with tools, insights and the confidence to drive innovation and productivity across their organizations.

To create a fun, friendly and safe forum in which marketers can share and question openly.

Our Tenets

1. By CMOs, for CMOs.

The CMO agenda has been polluted by those with vested interests for too long. We’re taking it back.

2. Start with Kindness.

We’re done with the cynical, bullshit culture that permeates all that surrounds our industry. Through kindness to each other we can support growth.

3. Marketing Matters.

There is no more important profession. We aim to restore marketing’s seat at the table.

4. To Thrive, we must change.

You will be armed with the insights, methodologies and practices to drive enduring change and advantage.

5. Purpose first.

We believe in individual purpose – in letting your light shine. Only when businesses do this, will they shine.

Who we are

Our members comprise CMOs and ex CMOs across all industries. Born from a frustration at the lack of forum for Chief Marketing Officers, Tara Lordsmith and Andy Lark co-founded CMO Collective to address the current crisis in marketing. Our view was – and remains – that marketers are not getting the seat at the table they deserve, and are too frequently without a voice inside and outside their organisations.

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